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2015 State Playoffs


More information to come closer to the date!

Schedule TBD


DATES/LOCATIONS: Dates, Times and Locations TBD
SOCORRO PITCH DETAILS: Matches will be played on the NM Tech Rugby Pitch, one of the top rugby facilities in the state!  The pitch can be found on campus at the following locations:

Restroom facilities will be located in the building housing campus police southwest of the rugby pitch.

The gymnasium offers dressing rooms as well. The gym is across the street to the north, #12 on the map. 

SOCORRO PARKING: Please park on the streets in the vicinity of the rugby pitch.  There is no fee but be mindful to NM Tech families and students who will have had graduation on campus that morning.
ELIGIBILITY REQUIREMENTS (IMPORTANT):  This year will be different because ALL TEAMS are required to present a team packet to the tournament hosts before they play.  Please make sure that you have a copy of each of your athlete's student ID cards.  If you have a U19 player that is not enrolled in high school a letter needs to be sent to this email address ( and to Mark Neice (  Mark will send an email with full details on exactly what is required for eligibility for players not enrolled in high school.
PLAYER T-SHIRTS: All teams will receive a t-shirt for each player.
CERTIFIED ATHLETIC TRAINER ON SITE:  There will be a certified athletic trainer at the pitch on Saturday and Sunday to deal with on field injuries.  If you have players who need to be taped please make sure they bring their own tape and medical supplies to perform preventative and injury maintenance taping.  
BOYS ROSTERS: Roster size for boy teams will be 23 for the whole tournament.  No exceptions.  No rolling subs.  Rosters are submitted at registration.

GIRLS ROSTERS: Roster size for girl teams will be 12 for the whole tournament. No exceptions. No rolling subs. For the girls, there will be a motley team that your others players can play on.  Rosters are submitted at restoration.